As technology advances and dental treatments become simplified, patients benefit from improved procedures that make it convenient to get a healthier-looking smile. Because most people strive for a confident, beautiful smile, crowns are an ideal way to improve the overall look of your teeth without removing the actual tooth. Traditional crowns take several appointments to place, but Dr. Alvarado offers an entirely new option in the form of same day crowns with the technologically-advanced CEREC® machine.

How They Work

When patients choose a traditional crown, they visit the dentist first to have the tooth prepped for the crown to be placed to strengthen or repair a weakened tooth. Once the tooth is ready, a temporary crown is placed and a mold is made for the permanent crown. The mold is then sent off to a lab to be made, and the patient returns several weeks later to have the permanent crown placed.

With the new CEREC machine, permanent crowns are made in the office and can be placed the same day. There is no need for multiple appointments or wasted time when we have the option to create the permanent crown almost immediately.

Retain Your Natural Look

Same day dental crowns look and function as if they are your natural teeth. These crowns are free of metal and can be matched almost exactly to the color of your remaining teeth. This gives you a healthier, more natural-looking smile. 

CEREC crowns are easy to place and cause little discomfort to the patient. For those who are on the go, constantly busy, and don’t have time for multiple appointments to have their crowns placed, this is an ideal treatment option.

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Every patient is unique, and we encourage you to schedule an appointment to determine if you are a good candidate for this option. Call The Lakes Family Dental in McAllen, TX today to make an appointment to determine if Cerec same day dental crowns are right for your smile.