There are thousands of people who suffer from chronic headaches and jaw pain due to temporomandibular joint disorder, a condition affecting their jaw. Patients with TMJ may have developed the condition due to their daily habits or as a result of arthritis. The pain associated with this disorder may spread to other parts of your body beyond the jaw. Some patients experience headaches, earaches, upper back pain, neck discomfort or soreness in the mouth. Dr. Jeffrey Alvarado, a dentist in McAllen, TX, offers comprehensive TMJ treatment options for relief from this painful condition. Here are some ways we can help.  

Simple Exercises

Dr. Alvarado may first recommend that patients with TMJ use simple exercises to help relieve some of the discomfort. During an office visit, he can show patients how to position the mouth, tongue, neck and jaw to help alleviate specific points of pain related to the jaw’s structure.

Bite Adjustments

Our staff can also perform an occlusal bite adjustment, which is a simple in-office procedure that can immediately help reduce jaw pain. During the procedure, Dr. Alvarado analyzes the pressure points of your jaw and teeth and makes an adjustment to change the stress areas in your mouth.

Botox Injections

We also offer Botox injections as another treatment for this jaw disorder. Botox works by minimizing the tension and soreness in the facial muscles that are impacted by the jaw’s dysfunction. The effect is temporary, so every few months, you must schedule another visit for more injections.

Joint Replacement Surgery

The most intense treatment choice for this disorder is joint replacement surgery. Patients who have tried every other type of therapy may find relief with the surgical option.

If you are bothered by a constant pain in your jaw, and you suspect you have this disorder, contact our office today! We look forward to helping you finally get relief from this painful condition.