Do you try to hide your smile in pictures, or are you embarrassed by the shape or color of your teeth? Fortunately, there are a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures that are specifically intended to improve the appearance of the smile. Some of these procedures also improve dental function and can make it easier for you to enjoy all the foods you love. Here are some common cosmetic procedures offered by Drs. Jeffrey Alvarado and Gregorio Salinas.


Teeth Whitening


Professional teeth whitening is one of the quickest, easiest and least invasive cosmetic dentistry treatments you can receive. It’s also one of the most affordable ways to improve the appearance of your smile. Professional teeth whitening products are made with high-quality ingredients. They also contain a higher concentration of active ingredients than over-the-counter products, so they provide quicker and more consistent results than anything you can buy at your local drug store.


Composite Fillings


Your general dentist may recommend composite fillings if you have damaged or decaying teeth. Metal-free fillings look very natural and can help protect and support your tooth’s structure. They are frequently applied after a cavity is removed or when a tooth is damaged and needs to be rebuilt.


Porcelain Veneers


Veneers are a great option if you have minor dental flaws like tooth discoloration, misshapen teeth or tooth gaps. They fit tightly over your teeth and instantly cover up imperfections while also serving as an extra layer of protection for your teeth. Porcelain veneers look just like your natural teeth and are durable enough to last up to 10 years.


Dental Implants


Drs. Alvarado and Salinas frequently recommend dental implants to patients with missing teeth because they are very sturdy, reliable and great for jaw bone health. They can also improve the cosmetic appearance of the smile by filling in gaps left by missing teeth.


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