Those who have missing teeth are not destined to live a life of self-consciousness when it comes to their teeth. Fortunately, dental technology has advanced to the point that replacing missing teeth doesn’t have to be incredibly painful, uncomfortable or expensive. This Labor Day, give yourself the gift of a healthier, stronger smile that allows you to live your best personal and professional life with dental implants.

A More Natural Appearance

Once the procedure is done and implants are fully secure, they function and look exactly as your natural teeth would. You can eat what you want and speak in public without fear of your teeth slipping or moving. Dental implants can also be matched to your remaining teeth, so they fit in your mouth perfectly and give you the confidence that comes from a beautiful, healthy smile.

Increased Longevity

When it comes to replacing teeth, there are many options available to patients, but few are as long-lasting as dental implants. When they are placed correctly by a general dentist and are cared for properly, implants can last decades if not longer. Your dental bills are decreased with a tooth replacement option that increases longevity and allows you to forget about your oral health worries.

Protection From Bone Loss

Once a tooth is missing, the root no longer stimulates the jawbone to keep growing, and it can crumble and die over time. As the jawbone crumbles, it can cause your teeth to shift and even change the shape of your face. Because the titanium rods from dental implants are placed directly in the jawbone and the bone is given time to connect to the rod, dental implants function exactly as a natural root would and keep your jawbone healthy and strong.

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