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Missing teeth are experienced by many people. This can be caused by illness, injury, infection, or simply because the tooth never grew. Missing teeth can cause more problems for patients, including contributing to the loss of jaw bone tissue; this can cause the mouth to have a sunken appearance. 


Restoring missing teeth has traditionally been accomplished with the help of dentures and bridgework. These options still help many people but not everyone is entirely satisfied with these solutions. Dental implants are a new, innovative solution that is suitable for many patients. It all starts with first making an appointment with a dentist like Dr. Alvarado.


How Dental Implants Work


Dental implants are made up of three special elements:


·         Post – made of titanium, the post is set directly into the jaw where it fuses with bony tissue for a stable and secure foundation.

·         Crown – the visible, tooth portion of the implant. Made of high quality dental porcelain and colored to match neighboring teeth, the crown takes the place of the missing tooth.

·         Abutment – this is the point where the crown and post connect. The connection is very strong.


The post is first set into the jaw. This forms an artificial tooth root and stimulates the jaw bone, preventing the jaw bone loss that can occur as the result of losing a tooth. The post is covered with a temporary crown while the patient’s permanent crowns are expertly crafted in a laboratory. A second appointment is required to fit the finished crowns onto the posts. Each crown is made to precise specifications for a more perfect fit.


Why Choose Implants?


Dental implants are visually appealing; they have a natural look that many patients prefer. This new year, make the choice to replace missing teeth with the help of implants; now is the perfect time to schedule. Make your appointment today by contacting Dr. Alvarado at the Lakes Family Dental in McAllen, TX.